It hasn’t probably escaped the few still popping by my blog, that I haven’t been very active lately. The reasons are many, some I feel happy to disclose, others not. Suffice to say, the last few weeks I didn’t feel really brilliant. I slipped into something of a summer depression painting my whole world black. Finding it hard to drag myself out of my doomsday scenarios I would conjure up and perform for the rest of the family like a second rate pantomime, I slipped further into my self created black hole with my family as unwilling spectators.
Blogging took a hit too. I didn’t feel like giving any readers bad vibes which I was likely to give off. Darkness took hold of my thoughts and spiraled out of control until a down to earth conversation from my husband shook me back into the world of the living. I believe there are defining moments, when chance meetings, speeches or in this case a good heart-to-heart, can change the course of life. Perhaps the moment will not disclose the importance, but the benefit of hindsight will.
Later, as I trained in the gym, the epiphany became obvious. With so much good and so much going for me, I had become my worst enemy. There and then decided to change…make a difference for myself and those I love.
As with changes and opportunities, they are worth as much as their deeds – not their words and promises. But as my blog has become somewhat of my barometer for the correlation between promises and actions, I felt I had to record this for myself and the rest of the world. No more sorrows, live for today, because tomorrow is another day into the unknown.


Shady Lady…


…on my way to work