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Finally done with work for the evening! I’m now on the couch, relaxing, watching Criminal Minds and eating low calorie ice lollies….*bliss*. Sebastian is finally better having been ill for almost a week now. Au contraire Reinout is in bed with with what seems to be the first symptoms of a(nother) flu.

It’s been a good but busy day, I had a meeting with J in Amsterdam. Had lunch at home and managed to work through my inbox (down to 7 items!) and my action list (sanitized and organized!) a great deal.

Now relaxation and a great night’s sleep…

Ta ta!


Done with work!

Good meeting in Amsterdam, followed by wine and snacks at Viqh’s winebar. I’m now in bed browsing the site Although yesterday’s fashion, there are loads of bargains to be made for excellent prices on this online outlet store!

Like this stunning dress from Marchesa discounted 65% to a mere EUR 2819;-. Or how about a a little black dress from Azzaro, reduced 50% to EUR 1843;-.



This casual, yet sexy batwing sweater dress from Chloe is a must-have! It’s your’s for EUR 876;- (unless I don’t lay my hands on it!!)



Sometime, on the latter half of the day, Reinout sent me a message on skype:
“wine tonight at winebar, you and me?”
I didn’t have think twice. After a day that felt like the day from hell (you know the days when  the Gods seem to conspire against you, when the last bit of energy that’s left dissipates in the space of a nano-second, when the calls you didn’t wish to be bothered with queues up on the receiving end)….it was a welcomed interruption.

Reinout picked me up at 5.30 pm. “You know alcohol feels reaaaally good when you’ve had a fucked up day.” He was doing his best to cheer me up. 10 minutes later, having left our sick boy with our cleaning lady, I was sitting on a bar stool downing some Spanish dessert wine whilst planning our holidays in 3 weeks from now.

2 glasses later and I was marginally tipsy, swaying from one side to another. I was in desperate need of dinner, counter acting the alcohol that was ravishing through my veins. We settled for Mexican at Popocatepetl. A good beef fajita did the trick, although a frozen margarita acted somewhat counter productive. We walked out of the restaurant, no wiser on where to go for our holidays, target destinations ranging from Brazil to the Dutch island of Texel, Israel to Egypt, Gran Canaria to Stockholm. The only thing I know is that I need sun, sea and good wine. The rest will take car of itself.

PS: I’m still tipsy whilst writing this, so excuses for any language inconsistancies


This is what I need

Just finished off work, after a long day doing a million thing inbetween preparing a contract template. Although I have no legal background, I’ve written so many contracts in the last years that I’ve become a bit of an expert on the subject. Still it’s boring as hell and only 4 cups of coffee could keep me going.

Y came over for a quick coffee at lunch, and we exchanged beauty tips and plastic surgery advice! Or at least I was the one going through them in rapid order… Microdermabrasions, Endermology, teeth whitening, hair extensions, vein removals, and of course my latest procedure… I’ve turned out to be a walking encyclopedia on beauty treatments!

Now it’s time for dinner. I’m on my Stewardess diet again (needless to say I gained a kilo with the implants!), which means an orange for breakfast, fruit and eggs for lunch and steak for dinner.

Ta ta!


Happy the day is over!

Since the operation, I had my first good night sleep. The pain is reduced to a dull muscle ache, and although I can’t lift anything heave or do any sports for a few more weeks, I’m back to being mobile again. Needless to say, there were quite a few eyebrows being raised after my announcement. It was no secret I was into some mild high-maintenance scheme to retain my youth, but a boob job seemed a bit out of the ordinary. Especially since I pride in everything natural, classic and pure look and feel. This was a clear diversion on such path.

Well, for this to be my confession as to why I did it, it starts with some discussions I had with my husband over a year ago. He was not adverse to the idea, and to be honest neither was I, but at the same time it didn’t really feel like something I needed. That until I went through a second pregnancy. There is no debate that pregnancies and breastfeeding doesn’t do much for keeping your front assets plump. And although I never had the problem of sagging (thank God for who invented the push-up….and I’m not talking about the bra!), they hadn’t exactly bounced back into their pre-pregnancy shape either.

All well and done, I did a bit of research and one clinic that was recommended to me was the Jan van Goyen Kliniek in Amsterdam. I made an appointment, and I must admit my first talk with the surgeon (Dr. Tan) was a bit awkward. Dr. Tan (who I presume is from Chinese heritage) was a small, middle age, balding man. As I sat in front of him, I observed every detail….from his shoes to his finger nails. The latter were rather long (something I have seen in other Chinese men too) and a bit grubby, and what I presumed nicotine stained. It made me somewhat uneasy, as this was the man that was going to be in charge of my breasts a week later.
There wasn’t so much time to look for another clinic, especially as it was scheduled to take place whilst Reinout was away on a conference. When I came home I did some further research and although I couldn’t find much apart from a long track-record in plastic surgery, I couldn’t find anything to contradict what seemed impeccable career. Faith took over, and I was counting down the days.
Reinout left the same morning that I was going to have my operation, for San Fransisco. He was not pleased that he was going to be so far away whilst I lay on an operating table. I on the other hand arrived at the clinic. After a talk with a very nice nurse, I got changed to my operation attire. As I sat waiting for the proceedure, the anesthesiologist came in. I must say I was a bit in shock. Before me stood a very skinny man, Jamaican looking, with something I presumed was a rastafari hairdo under the green surgical cap. Although I hold no racist sentiments (really NOT!!) one does possess preconceived ideas about most people one meet, and they guy seemed so out of place. But he was very sweet and very chatty and put all my concerns to rest.
As I had to walk into the theater, there were a bunch of people preparing for the operation, and if I had any apprehensions about going through the procedure, it was buried once and for all. The anesthesiologist gave me an injection and within 10 seconds I was fast asleep. The operation took place around 9 and at noon I was awake. I was told everything went well, two implants of 360 cc each (the equivalent of a DD cup size). The breast implant I chose for was of a natural, drop shape, instead of the more common round one.

The first days were pretty painful but I was prescribed painkillers for this. You have to wear a sports bra, and there is no sports or dancing until 6 weeks after the operation as the implants have to settle. Furthermore, as the implant was placed behind the muscle, the breast muscle is pretty sore and lifting and raising your arms are out of the question.

Now a bit over a week on, I’m really pleased with the result. I know they will settle more, but it already looks and feel fine. Would I recommend it to anyone? As with any plastic surgery, one has to ask oneself if it’s really necessary. In my case there was actually no real need, and my self-esteem wasn’t suffering either. But on the other side, it’s a great confidence booster, and I do think my silhouette looks a lot better now. As for now I think I will keep myself as I am. I feel finally (after a year of battling post-pregnancy weight, hair loss and sagging skin) pretty happy with myself. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding!


Happy gal! The cute little top is from S’nob

The weather is great (finally spring is coming!!) and I feel like going for a run. In fact I want to kickstart my work-out regime this spring, doing a lot of running and targeted training for thighs, stomach and butt. Can’t do any physical activities though for another 5 weeks though 🙁

In the meantime I shall be pining for a good work-out whilst listening to this great club track (this should make Reinout happy now!!)

Reinout just sent me upstairs under the pretext that I needed some sleep. In fact it’s his way of saying “Woman, I need some time alone to listen to my music.” He’s on a high….I’m on a…I don’t know what really…the codein pills I have been prescribed is making me so tired and the days are passing by in some kind of haze. I look forward to get off them at the end of the week.

So now I’m upstairs, having some “me” time. I’ve applied my favourite skin rejuvination treatment: Natura Bisse’s Glyco Peeling (50%). It’s the next best thing after a chemical peel, gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin as well as getting rid of hyper pigmentation, acne scarring and fine lines and wrinkles of the face. The peeling should be done for about 6 weeks, twice a week. After the peel, the skin will start to exfoliate so it’s important to hydrate well. I apply bio oil afterwards, which is also a great (and very cost effective) treatment against hyperpigementation, stretchmarks and scarring. I use bio oil every day under my day and night cream. It’s dirt cheap, 30 ml priced at a mere EUR 10;-.

In general Natura Bisse’s products are great, and my hyperpigmentation has been reduced a lot since I started using their products. For more information, and rating (their product reviews are among the best!) check out MakeupAlley.


Natura Bisse Glyco Peeling (50%)

Monday morning. Despite an interrupted sleep and a flu that has transcended into a cold (my throat and ears are in paaaaiiiin), I feel good. Reinout is home with me, bringing me coffee and kisses on the forehead whilst I sit here working on the action list for the week.

I’m in the mood for light music, and listening to my Erotic Lounge suite. It reminds me of holidays at the Mediterranean. Warm chalk stones, glittering sea, newly painted toe nails in Karen Millen strappy sandals…

Talking of which, a few weeks ago I came across this group from Italy Four Goes – they’ve released their first demo, Secret Box (love the voice of the leadsinger!!!), on Myspace. Check it out here:

Until the holiday season starts… dream away… Planet Funk: Under the Rain

Victoria and I have had a girly day in town. Lunch, shopping, manicure and a blow-dry at Pierot. Reinout came home today from a 5 day long trip to San Fransisco. Can’t tell how good it feels to have him back. Now we’re relaxing with a glass of brandy and crime series. Life is goooood!


New shirt from Filippa K…and yeah, new boobs too….will come back on that later


Flowers for Reinout


Reinout is very happy to be home 😉

I can’t wait unti May 27th….the release date of Sex and the City II!! As a self-proclaimed SATC gal, this date is holy to me. In the meantime, to get a well needed fix of my fav serie, I am doing a re-run of the episodes and the last movie with Victoria.

Victoria is in fact brought up with this serie. She was a mere 3 years old when she was taking part of our SATC nights together with my girl friends. During some of the heated scenes, we would send her away to hide behind the door until it was safe to come in again.

When Victoria was 8 I even bought the whole serie under the pretext that it was a Christmas present. Within 48 hours it was sitting within my own collection of DVD’s. It just didn’t quite fit with Mary Poppins and The Lion King.

So tonight we have some nice ones lined up…..The Devil Wears Prada and The September issue. Right after Style by Jury 🙂