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To my horror I’ve gained 3 kg’s after the holiday. This despite regular runs in 30 degrees heat. This despite living on salad and scallops. I guess the culprit in this drama must be the champagne! As this is not something I’m prepared to cut out of my staple diet I shall have to turn to other, but equally drastic measures. So this week is the kick start of my loyal stewardess diet. The one that lost me almost 20 kg’s in a mere 3 months (not to talk about the dizzy spells and feeling faint). But hey, this time it’s only 3 kg’s so it should be achievable in 3 weeks. I shall keep you posted!

On a good note I was pleasantly surprised to be able to squeeze myself into my Massimo et Daniele pencil skirt this morning. It sits like a corset for the lower half and gives the impression of a recent tummy tuck. If all clothes had this effect! *Sigh*


Ready for work, Skirt Massimo et Daniele, Blouse Pauw, Bag Burberry


Love my shoes from Etro

Some weekends are good. Others are just excellent! This weekend certainly belonged to the latter. It’s been so realxing, no work, pleanty of sleep and just spending time with the family. What more can a girl ask for?


In the spirit of a blissful weekend I decided to get some bathbombs at Lush

for a relaxing bath


Products galore such as Marilyn schampoo for blondes


Reinout got a new Nokia


Later we went to Viqh for a drink before dinner


Reinout was circling around me and Sebastian as I walked home — way too tipsy!


Hello Baby!


We went to the forrest for a walk after lunch at the pancake house


Father and son enjoying a quiet moment


Happy family


A picture tells more than a 1000 words, doesn’t it?


Dogs were enjoying it too


Victoria was playing with the dogs


…who got seriously wet and dirty

Whiter than white, that’s the colour of my teeth. Today I went to WIT (i.e. White). It’s a beauty salon chain specialised in teeth bleaching and injectables like botox. Botox might be a bit premature for me, but bleaching my teeth is something I’m open to. And when I met a girl on my holiday who works for such a salon I decided it was time to do something about those stained teeth of mine. In fact it’s so easy, takes about an hour, and is completely painless. My teeth aren’t too bad, and the woman performing the procedure told me I would be 6-9 shades whiter. After an hour had passed watching Sex and the City as the treatment was working, I was left with not 9 shades whiter but 10!

I’m so pleased with the result, which will stay for a few years with little maintenance.

For more information check out WIT, or if you are outside Holland Brite Smile.

WARNING! Scary pictures below…




During…even more scary!!


And after….so worth it!


Girls time at home


Love it, love it, love it!!


Top is from Paul & Joe

Thank God it’s Friday! Some weeks are worse than others. Not in terms of actual happenings. Because cause and effect has been very gentle on me this week. If it wasn’t for my fatigue. That sleepless night, between Monday and Tuesday completely disrupted the rest of the week. As we walked the streets of Haarlem last night – taking advantage of the late night shopping – I felt my knees buckle under me. The rest of the walk home was slow and painful. At home I landed on the bed, flickering through some interior magazines, thinking about life and finishing off with my new book about the First Crusade. Needless to say, I slept so well…


In the train listening to music

My talents are fairly limited. I’m not particularly creative, and the few creative talents I do have, results more often than not in a mediocre output.The only real talent I have, although few would agree with me, is my aptness for capturing moments. From the exotic to the mundane, I have come to view myself as a painter of anecdotes.

My self-engineered stories often anchors in real life, having seen, met and observed people. More often than not it’s women that fascinates me. A certain kind of woman may be. The one trapped in a role, performed to perfection for society as audience. Yet her spirit tells another story, and seldom, so very seldom, does it betray her…like a slightest tremor before an earthquake. Those women, I do hail. The sensual, feminine yet androgynous creatures who knows no home, no rules, no savour.

My fascination borders on fear as those women have far eclipsed me, their crisp minds and bright souls coupled with extraordinary beauty only highlights my own insignificance and shortcomings. And so, I wish, I wish to be you…

I came across this tune on YouTube, which is something from the past….it’s from U96 with the obscure yet interesting name Club Bizzare. I used to love this song. I remember having this on my walkman rewinding it over and over as I was running at sunset. This was the year I fell in love with E. The kind of love you only experience in your youth. Because it’s crushing. And so my heart went from taking little leaps to being in total agony…in a matter of a few weeks. Because when the crushing love hits, it hits hard.The blow was devastating. It came with a rose, a kiss and a promise that everything would be ok. I knew it was the end. After the saga had come to an abrupt closure, another one took hold. The one of revenge. I was consumed with the  notion of getting E back. I was plotting for his new girlfriend’s dimise and my own return. I used my evenings to go running, projecting the future in the distant horizon. As I did so, I listened to Club Bizzare.

As I now watch the video, evoking memories and nostalgia, I think of those years and the people I had yet to meet, living their lives parallell to mine. In Holland some 800 km from mine, my future husband would soon be working for this Dutch Music Channel, TMF, where it was so freaquently airing. Cosmos seems infinately vast and yet so small. All is connected, nothing is random. E lives a life distant from mine. I know nothing of his wearabouts. The girl, whose demise I was plotting is now a friend on facebook.

In three weeks the class of 6A will meet for a reunion. Cosmos is once again conspiring…

I dashed off on my lunch break for a much needed haircut at Pierot. My hair is still thinning but luckily it’s all growing back again. On my way back I stopped by le Maquilleur for a lipstick and mascara. As usual I came out with a lot of of goodies, this time from the exclusive Japaneese brand Menard.

new haircut

New haircut

happy susanne

Top Wolford, bag Burberry

new cosmetics

YSL waterproof mascara….the best there is as it stays on and doesn’t

give me panda eyes. Guerlain Rouge, 007 Gaby. All other samples, Menard

Thank God this day is OVER with big capitals! I have suffered, minutes have seemed like hours and anything work related has been an absolute pain. I’m referring of course to my sleepless night. Reinout thinks its good for me….he has this “just get over it” attitude and the fact that he is the cause to my lack of sleep waking me up for a massage after midnight, doesn’t make it any better.

Despite this little bump on the road, and a bump on the head which he caused me when he knocked me just above my temple (an accident to a stupid prank a la Reinout) our relationship is better than ever. It’s a wonderful feeling. Suddenly I find myself all in love again. Not that it ever went away, but for some time it’s been laying there, forgotten in the midst of stress, sleepless nights, and a home life that was turned upside down. Luckily this seems to be a thing of the past. Et voila! Not even a blow to the head can change my good mood J


I am so tired. Sleep doesn’t come (it’s almost 4 am). I know this is a common issue for new parents. But my sleepless nights are once again developing to become insomnia. I feel the anxiety rise in my chest as I twist and turn in bed. It doesn’t help the fact I was already asleep at midnight but was woken up by a family member.

I’m beyond angry now. That’s good. The anger has subdued. My schedule will be screwed up tomorrow but I can’t really do anything about that. Yet I’m concerned about my sleep routines which lately have become worse. Again I see family life being impossibleto keep up versus to what my body needs. In fact all I want is to become a recluse after 8 pm, retiring to my bedroom. No TV, no noise, just my computer and my book. An impossible match, or?

I’m closing off downstairs, letting the dogs out in the garden, emptying the more full than empty wine glasses of its content. It feels like a waste but on the other hand its too late to start binge drinking. Besides my list of objectives contains a healthy living and loosing some weight, whatever leftovers from the pregnancy that is there (about 3 to 5 kgs depending on what I consider my target weight to be). In that moment, as I’m just about to turn off the kitchen light I notice three marzipan wrapped small cakes. They sit on the kitchen counter, as if left deliberatly to start off a war with my mind. I turn around quickly, pretending not to have seen them. But I have, so I turn around once more, facing the cakes. I don’t want to touch them. The more my senses devour on the objects before me, the sooner they will cease to exist…literally.

I gather all the willpower I have to turn around once more and walk out that door, but I can’t. In fact I feel obliged to put the cakes away, so that they wont become stale. As I touch them, with the aim to bring them to a cupboard safe-haven, I just have to smell them. So I stand there, with a package of cakes in my hand, sniffing away. Its the worst you can do. This is the moment I feel an incredible hunger. My stomach literally growls and screams for food. And so I capture the now-or-never moment, opening the cupboard door with one hand and throw in the cakes. I slam the door shut and run up the stairs. I feel so relieved, having managed to control my urges. It kind of signifies a turning point…there is hope after all.